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Aeroc International is the largest producer of aerated concrete in Northern Europe

Holding company Aeroc International has subsidiaries which manufacture and sell AEROC autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) products in all Baltic and Nordic countries. Group operates two factories in Estonia and in Latvia as well sales companies in Lithuania and Finland. In Scandinavia and Kaliningrad region of Russia we operate through authorized resellers.

First AEROC plant started operation near Kunda in Estonia in 2001, the second factory near Riga in Latvia in 2005. During years of activity we have produced and sold in Baltics and Scandinavia more than 1.5 million cubic meters of AAC products under the brand name AEROC.

In 2012 Aeroc International acquired the oldest stone house package delivery and assembly operations in Nordics – JÄMERÄ one family house business in Finland which in 2014 celebrates its 40th anniversary. With this additional business direction we are now expanding also to all other markets of our presence. 

     AEROC INTERNATIONAL AS Väike-Männiku tn. 3, 11216 Tallinn, Estonia. Phone: +372 679 9080 e-mail:
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